Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Love Of Mine

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pizza Date

{Maximiliano enjoying a slice of mushroom ricotta, this was after he ate all the ham off of my slice}

{then he decided to finish eating under the table}

{mushroom ricotta + hawaiian (or should I say pineapple)}

{run forest, run}

{cotton candy clouds}

Sunday, July 13, 2014

California Skies

{beautiful rainbow, snapped while at work}

{Maxi's favorite dish, he loves pho I dare to say more than candy}

{dad had to hold him back from grabbing this bird at the zoo}

{waving hello}

{looking up at the beautiful sky while at work makes me feel so at peace, clouds and palm trees are some of my favorite things}

{short stories and iced coffee while waiting}

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Few Birthday Pictures.

{he was just the happiest little birthday boy ever}

{he was really putting on a show for everyone}

{surrounded by so much love, Maxi with his grandma, all his aunties and myself}

These photos are from Maximiliano's birthday party a few weeks ago.
Last year I was pretty stressed with his birthday party and I promised I
would make everything better this year but well that didn't happen!

I was just as stressed putting everything together and getting everything ready,
this year as I was last, if not even more. I discovered the main issue, both this year
and last I hosted his party at the park by our house. Getting everything to the park 
on time and trying to get the perfect spot before other people, setting up, etc, etc.
Everything would have been a thousand times easier on me if I would of just hosted
the party in our backyard or front yard since we have plenty of space.
My husband and I felt so dumb that we didn't think of that before haha.

That being said, Maximiliano had an amazing time which is really what matters to me!
He ran around non stop the WHOLE entire time we were at the park.
He had so much fun blowing out the candles and putting his face in the cake and
getting sang to and breaking the piƱata. Everyone was so amazed by how mature he was
when we were singing happy birthday to him and how he blew the candles all on his own,
he didn't even mind when his dad gave him a little push so he could bite the cake and 
ended everything with a little cheer to himself. 

I'm so happy that although we were a bit late, stressed and the weather wasn't what
I was expecting, Maximiliano had an awesome day and we got to hang out with family
and friends. I'm keeping this in mind for next year when I start stressing about anything.

{Birthday boy at the zoo}

{this boy has so much never ending energy}

{these two were just the cutest}

{flamingos are always pretty to look at}

One of my gifts to Maxi were year passes for his dad and I so we can take him
any chance we have, the zoo is one of my favorite places in our city and it's so
convenient that we live 10 minutes away. We took him on his actual birthday
 and had his party the day after.The first thing we did when we arrived
was walked straight to the petting zoo which has a bunch of little goats.
 Maximilano was wearing white pants and he decided to just lay down on 
the dirt with the goats and roll around, this boy is something! I thought he would
really enjoy the elephants but he actually wasn't too fond of them at all maybe
they were just too big and smelly for his liking. Overall it was a super fun day for
all three of us, we've already been there once after that and plan on going next week
as well! We are sure putting these year passes to good use.

{I will be sharing more pictures when I develop my film, xoxo}

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Taking Stock

Making : currently nothing. just diy'ed so much for Maxi's second birthday, this past weekend.

Cooking : turkey burgers are the new favorite around here!

Drinking : coffee, all day all night.

Reading: nightmares and dreamscapes from Stephen King, keeps me entertained at work.

Wanting:  I think mostly to go back to being a full time stay at home mom.

Listening: Juan Son and Porter, every morning.

Wishing: For a house on the beach.

Enjoying: the weather, days off of work, year passes to the zoo.

Wondering: If my husband will get that one job.

Hoping: that my husband will get that one job.

Marveling: at how quickly Maximiliano is picking up a vocabulary. 

Needing: to be more proactive, positive and efficient.

Smelling: coffee, coffee beans everywhere.

Wearing: denim and black, always.

Thinking: too much.


Bookmarking: fourth of july inspiration & new playlists.

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