Friday, May 29, 2015


Happy Friday! Maximiliano woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I have no plans. Damian has band practice. The weather is gloomy. So let's see how this Friday plays out for us over here. I'm on day 15 of whole30 and that means I'm half way there! I couldn't feel better and am not missing any food at all, I never go hungry and am happy with all the meals I eat. Only on day 9 did I have a MEAN donut craving and I almost gave in BUT am so happy I didnt! This weekend I'm going to try to fit in a farmer's market outing and hopefully some beach time. I'm almost done with all crafty diy's for Maxi's birthday so I'm happy about that! Also I get to hang out with my good friend Jasmin tomorrow so yay, maybe we will get some thrifting done. Hope you all have a great weekend! XOXO

This weeks favorite finds:

This campfire collection for kids is adorable!
Legs up the wall for your heart to rest.
These wraps look delicious. I would use lettuce instead.
Really want to make my own mayo!
Dreaming of a smore's party.
And lastly my GOALS never change. Beach front home.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Maximiliano Abishai at 35 months

Maximiliano turned exactly 35 months yesterday, which is when I planned on writing this post but watching terminator 2 and falling asleep happened so here I am writing it today.

Maximiliano, (or as we all call you most of the time, Maxi) you are 35 months which means you are a month short of being 3! I can't believe how big, smart, fun and loving you've grown to be in such short time. I still remember so vividly the day you were born. Your eyes were wide open and you were observing everything around you, so calm and beautiful, I don't even remember hearing a cry. They placed you in my arms and tears of joy filled my eyes while I kissed your face. I loved you so much from the moment I knew you existed that I didn't know how much more I could love you the moment I held you in my arms, our love for you only gets stronger and stronger as the days go by.  I had been waiting for you almost two weeks after your due date, we all used to say how comfortable you must of been in my womb, that you didn't care to come out to the real world.

Just this month your vocabulary has tripled it self and I find myself in awe every time I hear you say a new word that I had no idea you had learned. Your tia chelle is no longer chelle but Michelle, it's no longer kee but thank you. You exclaim "Ou! mama, I'ma hurt" when you bump into something. When we read to you, you are so involved, you stop to point at everything and describe it. The spider monkey, monkey hand, monkey foot, monkey ear, monkey nose, monkey mouth, monkey tail, monkey red! Your favorite books at the moment are: panda bear, panda bear what do you see and from head to toe from Eric Carle. You love animals and you know every single animal there is. If I had to choose three animals to be your favorite, I would say you love sharks, spider monkeys and pandas the best. You love food and I'm so thankful you are not a picky eater, I'd have to say your favorite foods of lately are rice, eggs and pizzadillas (quesadillas with pepperoni). You know most of your colors: black, blue, purple, red, yellow, green but it's funny that sometimes you still call some of them by superhero names. Red is piderman, yellow is wolverine, green is hulk and blue is captain merica. You love your super heroes. And your ninja turtles. You love it when we build lego robot families together, you always ask for the mama, papa and baby. Some times when I'm cleaning you say " play mama, play" and you grab my hand and take me to your toys. You are always playing family even with your super heroes, you have a mama spiderman, a papa spider man and a baby spiderman and you rock the baby to sleep while you sing lulu's. You also love it when we play cars. You just started liking chocolate milk, you had tried it a few times before and never liked it... this morning you woke up at 4ish asking for it, you were still half asleep and I think you were probably having chocolate milk dreams. Your dad got up to make you a small cup and you drank it and went back to sleep.

Some days you give me headaches but I would not change those headaches for anything in the world. You are wild and free. There is no stopping you. You are loving and caring and polite and strong and curious. When I say ouch!, you say "what's wrong mama?" or ask "you okay mama?". You say please and thank you (most of the time). You always greet people and you make sure to say bye and goodnight. When your grandma is carrying groceries in the house, you run to help her with the bags. You wake me up by touching my face, staring straight at me with a huge smile on your face.

I could go on forever but you are awake now, so I'll wrap this up by saying that we love you so much, you are the sun, the moon and the stars, you are the apple of our eyes. Since the day I knew of you my love, my life has only changed for the better. Thank you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Hello. It feels like I haven't blogged in forever. Here are some pictures from last month and some from this month.

I'm on day 6 of whole 30 and I'm physically feeling really good, the mild headaches are gone BUT none the less I'm still feeling VERY moody at times. I don't know... I might just do a whole 30 post and talk about it. What I'll say now is that I honestly feel like I could eat this way forever with of course indulging once in while. The thing I miss THE most is creamer in my coffee forget the sugar give me my creamer! Also surprisingly the thing I've occasionally had a craving for are pancakes... I don't usually eat pancakes often and they are not my favorite food.

Here's what I've been up to lately: zoo trip, girls day out while boys go to the park with dads, hanging out with my sisters, some shopping and birthday planning/ crafting but mostly LOTS of procrastinating. 

 { Maxi went to the fridge, took out an egg and cracked it in here all while I took a two minute bathroom brake. }

 { Local gourmet tacos from Sauld!. If you're in San Diego I recommend checking this place out on taco tuesday since they have a 3 for 5$ deal. Everything was really good and they have hand made tortillas! }

 { Playing dress up with mommy's hat + sunglasses }

 { Missing warm days, can it please start feeling like summer already! }

 { I'm always building forts for Maxi but he seems to show no interest for them yet. He likes them for like a second then moves on to the next thing. }

 { Mint iced mojito coffee and fresh flowers from the market. }
 { Here we were at the whaley house in old town San Diego. It's supposed to be haunted and the creepy thing is that Maximiliano started talking about a kid ghost and pointing. }

  { Cinco de Mayo celebrations. }

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day

Hope you all had a lovely mother's day. Our Sunday was definitely dedicated to all the moms in our life. When I woke up Damian had flowers for me AND (this was literally what made my morning) my favorite Iced coconut latte, it's the little things. I decided to make brunch for my mom just like last year. I made pancakes, eggs, bacon, mimosas and a had lots of fruit for us. It was nice to have brunch together and have my mom relax for a bit, she is always busy doing one thing or another. She literally does not even sit to eat so I was happy to prepare everything and do all the dishes as well, while she got to relax and enjoy herself. My only request for mother's day was to go to Hammond's for some ice cream so Damian took me there after we had brunch. It was pretty amazing, can't wait to go again! After, we visited my mother in law to wish her a happy mother's day and drop off a little present and then it was back to my mom's where my sister cooked a carnitas feast for us. It was the perfect mother's day.

{ Starting from top left going clockwise: thai tea, toasted coconut, kona coffee, banana storm, white chocolate coconut macadamia nut, butter pecan }

{ I couldn't get this little guy to take a picture with me, I thank him for making me the happiest mom even though there are times when he drives me completely nuts, he is my sunshine. }

Friday, May 8, 2015


It's Friday! It's been raining over here today so I'll post this picture of last week when it was starting to feel like summer. Chalk, water balloons and lots of bubble blowing. 

Last weekend I talked about wanting to start whole 30, I was talking to my mom about it and she said she wanted to join me. She also said she was going to tell my little sister about it, apparently we are all doing it together and I'm excited! My mom set the date, from May 15 to June 13. I though it was perfect since it's after mother's day but before Maximiliano's birthday. Also we plan on going to the fair right after whole 30.

No date night today since Damian is playing a show, we just went out for some quick mexican food and to get Maxi a little bug kit. We then captured some snails, fed them some leaves and they will be released before we go to bed. Saturday we plan on heading over to the farmer's market, last Saturday day we were there and after we ended up in old town where there was a cinco de mayo celebration we weren't even aware of, it was lots of fun! Still no plans for Sunday so we'll see where we end up maybe we can head over to that ice cream place I've been wanting to try out also maybe pick up a new plant. We'll see.

This weeks favorites:

DIY leather and brass hanging planter. These planter diy's keep on getting better!
Favorite songs this week: This one & This one.
Trio of habanero salsas. Definitely will be making some.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day Brunch Inspiration

Still no plans for Sunday. Seems like that's pretty much my life lately. Nothing planned. Funny because I'm the kind who organizes and plans everything in advanced but lately I've been letting things happen. Except of course Maxi's birthday, I've been planning that since months ago. Last year my sisters and I had a nice brunch for my mom, since usually every place is packed for brunch we figured that would be the best way to go. This year all I know is there will be tequila involved.

Here are some links I gathered for a perfect Mother's Day brunch or get together:

Winesicles with edible flowers.
Kiwi mint mojitos.
This simple mother's day breakfast.
Elegant make-ahead brunch. Anything make-ahead is kinda my favorite.
This mother's day brunch looks amazing.
I'm debating between making this cherry beer-garita or these strawberry margarita jello shots. But I'm most likely going to make both.

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing mothers out there! We have the hardest and yet most wonderful and rewarding responsibility. Cheers!
XOXO, Lidia

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Our Favorite Books | 01

If there is one thing we don't ever mind spending on over here, that thing would definitely be books. Every time we go somewhere, I most likely end up picking up a book for Maxi. We like the library but there is nothing like having your own little library at home. As a kid, I was definitely a reader. I remember sitting for hours going through those big short story books. I remember one of the first books I read completely on my own, la gallinita roja. Little golden books has this version with beautiful illustrations and it's on my list. 

Some of my fondest memories are being in elementary school and having story time, how we would all gather around the teacher sitting on the carpet. Lights off and nothing but the sun beaming through the window while I completely transported myself to another place. Pretty darn magical.

There are so many books we love over here but I will share our favorites at the moment.

These are Maximiliano's picks for morning, nap time and bedtime reading which is when we do the most reading because he will actually sit still during these times. Some of these have been in rotation since he was a little tiny new born baby. One of them being the classic where the wild things are which also happens to be his absolute favorite at the time, mostly because he relates to Max which he also calls Maxi by the way. He loves to growl and roar along to this one. Oh the mischief that goes on at this house!

1. The Big Purple Book Of Beginner Books by P.D. Eastman and Peter Eastman | 2. Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? by Dr. Seuss | 3. Dr. Seuss's ABC | 4. Pancakes, Pancakes! by Eric Carle | 5. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle | 6. Go, Dog Go! by P.D. Eastman | 7. Bunnies' ABC by Golden Books | 8. I am Bunny by Ole Risom | 9. Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed by Eileen Christelow | 10. Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak 

These three are some of my top picks because they instantly transport me to my childhood. I've been reading el pez arco iris to Maximiliano since he was in my belly and it was his absolutely favorite as a baby. Siempre te que querre or love you forever is a must for every mother-son duo, it's the sweetest book out there.

11. Siempre Te Querre by Robert Munsch | 12. Corduroy by Don Freeman | 13. El Pez Arco Iris by Marcus Pfister 

These three are Maximiliano's favorite animal books and they are really good for those little animal lovers out there. Maximiliano loves opening these up and pointing to all the animals while he recites their names, they keep him entertained for a while and he literally knows every. single. animal. He even corrects me at time when I say cheetah instead of jaguar or eagle instead of falcon, this kid knows his animals! haha.

Book recommendations are more than welcomed here as we are always looking for new books to add to our collection. 

Friday, May 1, 2015


 { Maximiliano with grandma on a taco tuesday date | no I do not let him drink coke but yes my mom at times let's him have a sip of hers, no matter how many times I tell her not to. }

Spicy Sofritas Veggie Bowls. On the to make list.
I am definitely the Default Parent.
Can't decide if I want to get these or these for Maximiliano.
I've been having baby fever lately. These baby girl clogs are the cutest.

It's Friday and we literally have no plans this weekend and I am perfectly fine with that.

I've been really contemplating doing a round of whole 30. I feel like my body would really thank me for it. After struggling with eating a healthy diet but getting crazy junk food cravings and sometimes binge eating, I think whole 30 would help me with the sugar cravings. If you haven't heard about whole 30, you can check out their program rules here. If I do it, I would start tomorrow and that would most likely mean we would possibly go out for pizza and a coconut latte today.

What are your plans for this weekend?
XOXO, Lidia.