Friday, May 8, 2015


It's Friday! It's been raining over here today so I'll post this picture of last week when it was starting to feel like summer. Chalk, water balloons and lots of bubble blowing. 

Last weekend I talked about wanting to start whole 30, I was talking to my mom about it and she said she wanted to join me. She also said she was going to tell my little sister about it, apparently we are all doing it together and I'm excited! My mom set the date, from May 15 to June 13. I though it was perfect since it's after mother's day but before Maximiliano's birthday. Also we plan on going to the fair right after whole 30.

No date night today since Damian is playing a show, we just went out for some quick mexican food and to get Maxi a little bug kit. We then captured some snails, fed them some leaves and they will be released before we go to bed. Saturday we plan on heading over to the farmer's market, last Saturday day we were there and after we ended up in old town where there was a cinco de mayo celebration we weren't even aware of, it was lots of fun! Still no plans for Sunday so we'll see where we end up maybe we can head over to that ice cream place I've been wanting to try out also maybe pick up a new plant. We'll see.

This weeks favorites:

DIY leather and brass hanging planter. These planter diy's keep on getting better!
Favorite songs this week: This one & This one.
Trio of habanero salsas. Definitely will be making some.

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