Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Hello. It feels like I haven't blogged in forever. Here are some pictures from last month and some from this month.

I'm on day 6 of whole 30 and I'm physically feeling really good, the mild headaches are gone BUT none the less I'm still feeling VERY moody at times. I don't know... I might just do a whole 30 post and talk about it. What I'll say now is that I honestly feel like I could eat this way forever with of course indulging once in while. The thing I miss THE most is creamer in my coffee forget the sugar give me my creamer! Also surprisingly the thing I've occasionally had a craving for are pancakes... I don't usually eat pancakes often and they are not my favorite food.

Here's what I've been up to lately: zoo trip, girls day out while boys go to the park with dads, hanging out with my sisters, some shopping and birthday planning/ crafting but mostly LOTS of procrastinating. 

 { Maxi went to the fridge, took out an egg and cracked it in here all while I took a two minute bathroom brake. }

 { Local gourmet tacos from Sauld!. If you're in San Diego I recommend checking this place out on taco tuesday since they have a 3 for 5$ deal. Everything was really good and they have hand made tortillas! }

 { Playing dress up with mommy's hat + sunglasses }

 { Missing warm days, can it please start feeling like summer already! }

 { I'm always building forts for Maxi but he seems to show no interest for them yet. He likes them for like a second then moves on to the next thing. }

 { Mint iced mojito coffee and fresh flowers from the market. }
 { Here we were at the whaley house in old town San Diego. It's supposed to be haunted and the creepy thing is that Maximiliano started talking about a kid ghost and pointing. }

  { Cinco de Mayo celebrations. }

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