Thursday, May 28, 2015

Maximiliano Abishai at 35 months

Maximiliano turned exactly 35 months yesterday, which is when I planned on writing this post but watching terminator 2 and falling asleep happened so here I am writing it today.

Maximiliano, (or as we all call you most of the time, Maxi) you are 35 months which means you are a month short of being 3! I can't believe how big, smart, fun and loving you've grown to be in such short time. I still remember so vividly the day you were born. Your eyes were wide open and you were observing everything around you, so calm and beautiful, I don't even remember hearing a cry. They placed you in my arms and tears of joy filled my eyes while I kissed your face. I loved you so much from the moment I knew you existed that I didn't know how much more I could love you the moment I held you in my arms, our love for you only gets stronger and stronger as the days go by.  I had been waiting for you almost two weeks after your due date, we all used to say how comfortable you must of been in my womb, that you didn't care to come out to the real world.

Just this month your vocabulary has tripled it self and I find myself in awe every time I hear you say a new word that I had no idea you had learned. Your tia chelle is no longer chelle but Michelle, it's no longer kee but thank you. You exclaim "Ou! mama, I'ma hurt" when you bump into something. When we read to you, you are so involved, you stop to point at everything and describe it. The spider monkey, monkey hand, monkey foot, monkey ear, monkey nose, monkey mouth, monkey tail, monkey red! Your favorite books at the moment are: panda bear, panda bear what do you see and from head to toe from Eric Carle. You love animals and you know every single animal there is. If I had to choose three animals to be your favorite, I would say you love sharks, spider monkeys and pandas the best. You love food and I'm so thankful you are not a picky eater, I'd have to say your favorite foods of lately are rice, eggs and pizzadillas (quesadillas with pepperoni). You know most of your colors: black, blue, purple, red, yellow, green but it's funny that sometimes you still call some of them by superhero names. Red is piderman, yellow is wolverine, green is hulk and blue is captain merica. You love your super heroes. And your ninja turtles. You love it when we build lego robot families together, you always ask for the mama, papa and baby. Some times when I'm cleaning you say " play mama, play" and you grab my hand and take me to your toys. You are always playing family even with your super heroes, you have a mama spiderman, a papa spider man and a baby spiderman and you rock the baby to sleep while you sing lulu's. You also love it when we play cars. You just started liking chocolate milk, you had tried it a few times before and never liked it... this morning you woke up at 4ish asking for it, you were still half asleep and I think you were probably having chocolate milk dreams. Your dad got up to make you a small cup and you drank it and went back to sleep.

Some days you give me headaches but I would not change those headaches for anything in the world. You are wild and free. There is no stopping you. You are loving and caring and polite and strong and curious. When I say ouch!, you say "what's wrong mama?" or ask "you okay mama?". You say please and thank you (most of the time). You always greet people and you make sure to say bye and goodnight. When your grandma is carrying groceries in the house, you run to help her with the bags. You wake me up by touching my face, staring straight at me with a huge smile on your face.

I could go on forever but you are awake now, so I'll wrap this up by saying that we love you so much, you are the sun, the moon and the stars, you are the apple of our eyes. Since the day I knew of you my love, my life has only changed for the better. Thank you.


  1. *cue in the waterworks* this was so beautiful <3

  2. *cue in the waterworks* this was so beautiful <3