Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015


Happy holidays! Everyone is feeling the Christmas blues and honestly I don't think I've ever experienced them. I love Christmas and everything but I'm not one to mourn over it being gone... maybe it will hit me when I'm older. Our month of December was filled with watching home alone & home alone 2, drinking lots of hot coffee and hot chocolate, baking Christmas treats and some holiday shopping. 

We visited December nights which we had skipped two years in a row because I feel like more than anything it's just a bunch of vendors and money spending more than actually Christmas celebration but it was nice to get out, drink some hot coconut lattes and walk while observing all the Christmas decorations. Especially after a very hard day. 

This year we started a new tradition with our favorite family (our best friends) of having a friends Christmas dinner. It was amazing to celebrate together since they always leave town to see their families. They cooked some amazing steaks for us and made the best blue cheese butter to go with. I made homemade mac and cheese and some stuffed mushrooms that were to die for. The kids happily played together all night while us adults conversed and took a few jalapeño shots to get warm,

Christmas Eve was very low key. I woke up to clean the house and after, decorated some gingerbread cookies with Maximiliano. We got ready for the day and when Damian was home from work we picked up a good friend of mine and her baby so they could spend Christmas at our place. My mom, sisters and I had decided that we didn't want to cook this year so we bought frozen lasagna, bagged salad, wine and a few appetizers from costco.Yup, I told you it was very low key. My mom still made the traditional Mexican ponche and buñuelos. We had only few family over. Our tradition is to open presents at midnight instead of the 25th, but I think that's mostly because as kids we were super impatient and bugged our parents the whole night haha. Next year I will have Maximiliano open his presents Christmas morning because he will be a bit older and more understanding. Christmas day was just as relax as Christmas Eve, we ate leftovers, relaxed all morning, got ready and left the house to head to the In-laws but not without stopping by starbucks (the only coffee shop open) first for some latte's. I really need to invest on an espresso machine. At my in-laws we ate some delicious green pozole, opened a few more presents and then relaxed before heading back home to watch a good movie and call it a night. Feeling very grateful for all the love in our lives. 


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Thanksgiving Day