Friday, October 31, 2014

Pumpkin Pain Perdu

I have actually been wanting to make this since last autumn, when I first saw it circulating Pinterest. Pumpkin french toast.

(Warning: I am about to rant about all these pumpkin spice products in stores. Skip paragraph if you wish.)

Gimme all things pumpkin but NOT pumpkin spice please and thank you. I made my own pumpkin spice syrup but just found the spices to be too over whelming so then I bought the pumpkin flavored pumpkin creamer and it was the same problem. I could not taste pumpkin but instead just an enormous amount of clove and ginger. So I saw these pumpkin bagels that I though would be delicious with a thin layer of cream cheese in the morning and... SAME problem so yeah. Other than the occasional pumpkin latte from Starbucks which I enjoy, I'm not buying pumpkin spice anything! (This is a copycat recipe of the famous starbucks pumpkin latte, that has been my favorite so far but I actually have not made this year.)

Lately I haven't felt like breakfast food of any kind. Especially not eggs. I think I over ate eggs. Like... I would have them for almost every meal. Fried, poached and boiled. In french toast too. But yesterday I thought some french toast would be nice and I happened to have a can of pumpkin on hand so this happened.

I didn't follow any recipe, just went with the flow. I really enjoy the color that pumpkin puree adds to food. It's just this pretty, warm, gold color. The pumpkin flavor it adds is subtle but you can definitely taste it.

Pumpkin Pain Perdu

serves 1

- 1 egg
- 1 heaping tablespoon pure pumpkin puree
- 2 tablespoons milk/heavy cream
- splash of vanilla extract
- cinnamon to taste
- 2 slices of bread of your choice ( I used sliced french bread )
- Syrup/ whipped cream to serve

Mix egg, pumpkin, milk, vanilla and cinnamon in bowl. Dip bread in liquid until fully covered. Place on a hot and buttered griddle and cook until golden brown on both sides. Pour syrup on top and add some whipped cream if you're feeling extra fancy!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Vibes


Sunday + Monday

Here are some pictures I snapped on Sunday at the park and Monday at the park + home.

Sunday we had a very busy day. We headed to the park early in the morning, after that we did some exploring at the library and returned some books as well as checked out more books, after that our plan was to go to the pumpkin patch but it was extremely packed so we skipped that and headed to target to pick up some Halloween candy and of course while there picked up a few other things that were not on our list! We then had lunch at costco, picked up a few things we needed from Ikea and finally did a little grocery run at trader joe's... all this without a stroller. Maxi was such a trooper! He fell asleep during the car ride to trader joe's and stayed in the car with Dad.

Monday, Maximiliano and I went on a little walk around the neighborhood and stopped by the park after. We were there playing for a while. I can never be there for too long because this kid wears me out. Seriously barely even stays on the playground, he's just running around everywhere trying to climb up the slides (especially when other kids are getting ready to slide down). There was a lot of crying involved when it was time to go but it was soon forgotten by coloring and sticking super hero stickers everywhere.

 Maximiliano at 2 years 4 months:

- Non stop running.
- Loves animals. Can say monkey, puppy, chee (for cheetah), gecko, futterfly, bird, sharky (shark), spider man (for spider) and turtle. He trumpets like an elephant, roars like a lion, meows like a cat and hisses like a snake. For some reason he calls giraffes and zebras boinga boinga.
- Other words he says a lot: pumpkin, Halloween, mine, bubbles, shower, book, nap time.
- Not so friendly with other kids.
- Loves to eat: everything! but some of his favorites are rice, eggs, pizza, string cheese, apples and yogurt.
- Favorite t.v. show + movies: wild kratts, despicable me and madagascar.
- Favorite book: where the wild things are.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

35 mm Maximiliano's Birthday + Birthday Party

I've talked about my fascination with film here before. I Really love how it captures real moments.

These two sets are from Maximiliano's birthday at the zoo and Maximiliano's birthday party at the park (I shared some digital photos and talked all about his birthday here before). I just picked a few from each set to share here. Both days were kind of gloomy so these pictures aren't as bright as I'd like them to be but they captured some great moments... and tantrums! hehe. Now I need to buy a photo album to put all these in.

P.S. These are some random photos my sister and I took, to use up the extra film in the cameras. I really like the lighting in these and the green in the background. 


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pinterest Inspo (Halloween)

{ for costumes; how cute and clever is this? }

for meal ideas; these mashed bootatoes and ghost pizzas are so easy and cute }

for kids; how cool would it be to craft this skeleton with your little one
and then share some mandarin jack o lanterns? }

{ for the home; this wreath is so fabulous in a spooky way, I looove it!  and this
 flower arrangement is everything, you can always count on Martha for inspiration}

I can't believe Halloween is in two weeks! We haven't even gotten our decorations up yet but this year I want to keep it very minimal. Every year we put them up the first day of October but we are far behind this time around. Today we picked up some spider webs and I'm hoping we can pick up some other decorations (and candy) on Friday that way we can be set to put up the stuff by Sunday.

So far I can take off two things off my fall list. The other day I baked the most delicious triple pumpkin cinnamon rolls! I put pumpkin in the dough, the filling and the frosting and they were seriously the best cinnamon rolls I have EVER had. I would share the recipe if I would have gotten some decent pictures but it was late and the lighting was very bad. Also today we went to the pumpkin patch, Maximiliano is in love with pumpkins and he was so happy and excited to see so many of them. We got him a small pumpkin and he has been playing with it nonstop, rolling his little hot wheels on top of it and what not. We will definitely be going back and I will share pictures once I have a little more time.