Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pinterest Inspo (Halloween)

{ for costumes; how cute and clever is this? }

for meal ideas; these mashed bootatoes and ghost pizzas are so easy and cute }

for kids; how cool would it be to craft this skeleton with your little one
and then share some mandarin jack o lanterns? }

{ for the home; this wreath is so fabulous in a spooky way, I looove it!  and this
 flower arrangement is everything, you can always count on Martha for inspiration}

I can't believe Halloween is in two weeks! We haven't even gotten our decorations up yet but this year I want to keep it very minimal. Every year we put them up the first day of October but we are far behind this time around. Today we picked up some spider webs and I'm hoping we can pick up some other decorations (and candy) on Friday that way we can be set to put up the stuff by Sunday.

So far I can take off two things off my fall list. The other day I baked the most delicious triple pumpkin cinnamon rolls! I put pumpkin in the dough, the filling and the frosting and they were seriously the best cinnamon rolls I have EVER had. I would share the recipe if I would have gotten some decent pictures but it was late and the lighting was very bad. Also today we went to the pumpkin patch, Maximiliano is in love with pumpkins and he was so happy and excited to see so many of them. We got him a small pumpkin and he has been playing with it nonstop, rolling his little hot wheels on top of it and what not. We will definitely be going back and I will share pictures once I have a little more time.


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