Wednesday, October 22, 2014

35 mm Maximiliano's Birthday + Birthday Party

I've talked about my fascination with film here before. I Really love how it captures real moments.

These two sets are from Maximiliano's birthday at the zoo and Maximiliano's birthday party at the park (I shared some digital photos and talked all about his birthday here before). I just picked a few from each set to share here. Both days were kind of gloomy so these pictures aren't as bright as I'd like them to be but they captured some great moments... and tantrums! hehe. Now I need to buy a photo album to put all these in.

P.S. These are some random photos my sister and I took, to use up the extra film in the cameras. I really like the lighting in these and the green in the background. 



  1. WHY doesn't blogger tell me you post new stuff?!!??! oh my gosh! these pictures are so wonderful, I love them!!!!!

    1. thank you! I want to keep shooting film. I definitely need some improvement, too many fingers in my pictures haha!