Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hi. Fellow bloggers.

I'm back.

I had a baby. A really cute one. Not to mention healthy and happy.

I'm all for attached parenting which is mostly the reason for the lack of posting.
With on demand breast feeding, diaper changing, bathing, playing, reading and
other parenting duties; I'm lucky if I have time to shower, get dressed or try
to tidy the house a bit let alone bake anything! Plus I don't want any of those
extra calories for I still have about 5 pounds of baby weight I need to shed.

Though I have treated myself with chocolate chip cookies, cranberry pistachio-
chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake and the best banana bread bars with
browned butter icing you will ever have! (I must share that recipe with you guys
but they were so good, they didn't last long enough to be photographed. though
the recipe is floating around pinterest... that's where i stumbled upon it.)
I've decided enough is enough and will only be treating my sweet tooth to such
things once in a blue moon.

Also. I will like to share with you guys that I will be posting here more often
when I get the chance. Which will probably be once every week to once
every other week.

My blogs theme will focus on other things now as well, instead of mostly baked
goods I will be posting about healthier options in the kitchen, fitness tips,
breast feeding support posts (for all of you that may need it), parenting and some
style posts as well... well I must say some indulging baked goods will still make
appearance... So the blog will be very open, focusing on different subjects.

Hope you guys enjoy the feed. Questions and comments are always welcome!

p.s. you can always catch a glimpse of what I'm up to on Instagram.
username: sugar_rabbit


  1. Finally! I have missed you!
    I hope you are going to post some pictures of that beautiful baby!! I can't want for new post!!

  2. thank you for the sweet comment!
    and I will be posting some baby photos real soon!
    as in most likely today (: