Monday, February 16, 2015


Hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's day. Whether single, in a relationship, married or whatever, Valentine's should be an excuse to spend extra time showing those special people in our lives how much they mean to us. BUT of course we should cherish and be grateful for them every day!

I planned a Valentine's picnic to celebrate friendship that was supposed to take place on Friday afternoon but unfortunately Maxi woke up with a bad cough + fever. I told everyone I wasn't going to make it but that the picnic was still happening and sent these cupcakes, strawberries and strawberry heart shaped mellows off to them. I took Maxi to the doctors and picked up some medicine for his swollen tonsils and fever, today he woke up as good as new. That kid is such a trooper!

On Valentine's day my mom was nice enough to watch Maxi for a while. Damian brought me some flowers and we then began our day by running some errands together as we had planned (very romantic). They were things that I had to do that I don't usually have time to do. After, we had a little coffee date at Starbucks because some major caffeine was needed, a sick baby means little to no sleep. We then headed to sunset cliffs because I had been wanting to go there for a very long time but since it's not very toddler friendly we hadn't gone. To our surprise this was a VERY popular spot for Valentine's. There were SO many people there and it totally made sense to us that what could be more romantic than watching the sunset together in front of this beautiful view! We actually weren't even there to watch the sunset but we got there just in time and it was absolute bliss and perfection. We hung around for a while and then were off. Damian had also promised me a target run without Maxi because them two never let me do my thing peacefully. As always this resulted in just getting Maxi things because well I just can't help myself and that kid is amazing + he needed a little cheering up. We did also happen to score on a set of sheets which were much needed, especially, after our sick little baby threw up over all our freshly washed bed covers. This all ended by grabbing some pizza to bring back home and share with our babe, which was the perfect ending to our day.

P.S. last year's Valentine's was probably the worst I've ever had.

XOXO, Lidia 

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