Wednesday, September 9, 2015

August in Pictures

August! I ate a TON of watermelon! Have you ever squeezed passion fruit all over your watermelon? It is THE best thing EVER. I also ate a bunch of nice cream because this heat. Spent mornings at the farmer's market. Had lots of beach time! Watched sunsets. Family visited from San Francisco. Drank a ton of black coffee and even more coconut water. Went to my sweet's friend baby shower. Ate whole30 compliant the whole month. Explored our city. Got a nice tan, survived this weather and got really sad over all these things that are happening in our planet. I hate the news, always have but especially after becoming a mother. The world hurts. Sometimes it's scary to think about our children's future but our hope for the future is in our children so lets raise them to be conscious loving and respectful little humans. 

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