Thursday, November 5, 2009

halloween cookies & cold porcelain

For Halloween i baked these sugar cookies,
they turned out to be the best sugar cookies
I've made so far. I decorated them with royal icing
it was my first time making and decorating with
royal icing so they didn't turn out so bad after all.
This guy was my favorite, he turned out adorable:

And with these figures I'll finish off my post.
This pregnant women is made from cold porcelain mix.
I was practicing making figures
out of cold porcelain to make it easy to work with gum paste
and fondant. It's a cake topper for a baby shower cake (:
or it would be if it were made out of gum paste this is
just a model.

Had some extra cold porcelain so i decided to make
this cute little chubby bunny in a bathing suit
sitting on a carrot n.n


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