Tuesday, August 9, 2011

FAIL recipes...

Last week I baked up a Cherry Clafouti, (which is a cherry baked custard
inspired by the Limousin region of France) for you guys but unfortunately
this recipe that I was really looking forward to try from my June 2011 bon appetit
issue was not all that and a bag of chips. It tasted too much like egg, and the cherry
flavor wasn't overpowering at all. I only like to share with you guys the recipes
that I absolutely love and will keep in my archive and that the people I share my
food with absolutely love as well, I hope this inspires you reading this
to try one of my recipes <3

Most of the times I enjoy trying new, different recipes more than anything else
and that sometimes has it's bad side but I think most of the time (I would say
95% of the time), my judgment is good.

What are your FAIL recipes, kitchen fiascoes?

P.S. tomorrow I will be sharing a cookie recipe that I've been dying to share
with you guys for a while!

meanwhile, I'll leave you guys a picture of my baby;

and food that inspires me.


pictures found on tumblr.


  1. I love making pasta from scratch, but last week instead of sticking to the recipe I normally use, I tried a different one.

    My noodles turned out terrible and was a total flop. I don't I'm ever going to try any other noodle recipe ever again because the recipe I use makes perfect noodles.

    I've had other disasters and flops, but that was the most recent.

    I've never tried claflouti before but I'd love to try making it sometime. :)

  2. Ow that sounds not fun ):
    Sometimes it's good to try something different
    in order to realize that really it doesn't get better
    than what you had before!

    I've been really dying to make my own pasta but
    to be honest it frightens me!
    It looks so hard to roll out the pasta >.<
    But I think I will try it soon,
    I want to make my own tortellini.

    If you want to try and make clafouti for the
    first time, just make sure you search for a really
    good recipe (:

  3. Lovely food mixer!

    A recipe that I tried out and was the first to be added to my blog last year was a redcurrant pie - a german recipe. It looked fab but tasted like it should have been two seperate recipes (bit like that sketch on 'Friends' trifle and beef pie! Awful. I couldn't put the recipe on the blog but the photo looked good so put that on.

    Very much enjoying your blog.

  4. Therese thank you so much for the lovely comments!
    They put a smile on my face.

    I know exactly what you are talking about.
    Also the cherry custards looked so pretty I almost
    had to show you guys but decided to pass on them