Monday, September 2, 2013

Maximiliano's First Birthday

 June 27th 2013

The pizza of my eye. 
Life's greatest gift to me.
The reason my life is one continuous happy day,
on his very first birthday, eating his very own cake.


1.Happy as can be, mounted on his piñata at his first birthday party!

2. Not wanting to sit still with his uncle (one of my best friends).

3. Hitting the piñata with his cousin. (He wanted to be barefoot the whole time.)

4. Eating some pasta bows, this boy can eat like nobody's business!

5. Posing with his Aunt, looking very serious.

6. Riding a penny with the help of mom.

7. Party invitations.

8/9. Goody Bags.

Maximiliano's first birthday was a few months ago, on the month of June.

His actual birthday was the 27th which was also my little sisters graduation from
middle school. His Dad and I woke him up by singing happy birthday to him
then proceeded to take him out of his crib and cuddle with him while we sang
happy birthday again, he was half asleep and smiling and loving it anyway.
 We celebrated both Maximiliano and my sister by going out for sushi. It was lots
of fun spending time with my mom and all my sisters and Maximiliano got his very
own green tea ice cream when they found out it was his first birthday, you should
have seen the smile on his face when he saw his sundae sitting in front of him.
He didn't know what to do, he couldn't believe it was actually happening haha.
After that we went home sang happy birthday again and he had a blast diving head 
first into his cake. I think I sang him Happy Birthday like a thousand times that day.

His birthday party was on the 29th of June, so we could all celebrate together,
on the weekend. It was lots of fun and also a little stressful although I tried to prep
as much as I could the days before. Yes I was late to my very own party or
Maximiliano's party that is, but I did learn a lot from it to make next years birthday
less stressful and more organized! So that's good, right?

I made it a simple neon bow tie party at the park. Made bow-ties for the kids to wear
and stuck them on the invitation. Boys wore them around the neck and girls in their hair.
Made the cake myself, it was just a simple vanilla tier cake with cream cheese frosting, 
neon sprinkles and a neon green fondant bow-tie that I made myself. I was not even able
 to get a picture of it, Baby turned out to be too tired and took a big nap so I don't even have
 a picture of him with the cake, it was getting late and I ended up cutting the cake
 and handing it out to guest as they left. I think the highlight of the party was the piñata.
The kids had a blast hitting it and picking up candy, I even joined them!
Food consisted of burgers and hot dogs, bow pasta salad and there was also soyviche.
(Which is just ceviche made with soy meat instead of shrimp, if you are wondering.)
The goody bags were just neon green paper lunch bags that I filled with a notepad,
bunch of crayons tied with yarn, neon play dough, a cute toy story clicking camera and
a few pieces of candy such as cry babies, starbursts, jolly ranchers, fun dips and 
blow pops which aren't pictured. 

I feel like I didn't take enough pictures (I took more than the ones you see here),
also I was kinda' bummed out I didn't get to take a picture with the baby and cake but
other than that I was super happy that everyone came to celebrate with us and helped
my baby have a happy first birthday which is what counts!



  1. The neon bow tie theme is such a great idea! Super cute. xoxo

  2. thank you! i loved the bow tie themed parties i saw on pinterest and since it was a summer party a neon theme would be perfect so i combined both.