Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Summer Time and the Livin's easy.

Some time last year I decided that I was going to live more in the moment and stop
anticipating the future so much. I made sure that I stopped using the words:
"I can't wait for..." I think it has a lot to do with being a parent and watching your child
grow so fast and not being able to stop time in it's tracks.
You just learn to love the everyday life and all the little moments and details that make
like so wonderful, especially everyday life.

That being said I'm very much excited for summer to come!
I'm enjoying spring very much and loving everything that comes with it
but I won't deny that the thought of summer makes me very very happy.

These photos are from last summer at the beach, when Maximiliano
was a little chubby baby, wobbling around as a penguin loving every moment of it.
I can only imagine how excited he will be this year. He sure does love water, sand
 and chasing birds. California beach baby for sure.

1. Soaking up the sun while I selfie, don't mind me.
2. Maximiliano, enjoying the ice cold water.
3. I don't know if you can kind of see that half sand mustache...
4. What is it with babies and shoving sand in their mouth?
5. Tiny feet.
6. "Mom, can we stay here forever?"
7. Family selfie that needs to be framed.


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