Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kite Flying Type of Day.

Last week, Maximiliano and I went on a long walk from our house all the way to the port. It probably took us a good 25 minutes to get there, it was a very nice day to be out although maybe a bit too hot for that long walk. Not for me though, I love a nice long walk in warm weather. We coincidentally met up with a friend of mine and rode the Carousel (Maximiliano's favorite). We then went and flew this kite with Maxi which he loved but kept on letting go of! After, we walked to downtown for lunch and
then walked all the way home once again. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and staying cool.

Maximiliano will turn two in about two months! How did that even happen? His birthday party has been pretty much planned out since months ago. The theme is Luchadores/ Mexican fiesta. I decided on this theme because when Maxi was about 18 months my mom came home with a bunch of luchador figurines that her boss's daughters had collected for a while but didn't want anymore. Immediately Maxi fell in love with them and played with them every single day. He learned how to count one, two, three with them and loves neatly lining them all down on the floor. This month I've started making felt luchador masks for the kids to wear and I will also start on the invites soon.

At twenty-two months he says a lot of words now, I'm sure he will start talking in full sentences soon.
This boy can't sit still for a minute. Lately we haven't been able to eat out at all because he will just start trying to wiggle his way out of the high chair and act out to get what he wants, which is to run around and climb on things. Trying to work on this but haven't figured out anything yet so any advice would be very helpful! He eats everything and anything you will give him except for maybe leafy greens and he isn't too fond of mushy textures. Also breast fed and I only plan on breast feeding these last two months until he turns two, any advice on how to handle would also be very appreciated because  I've tried lots and always end up giving in because it breaks my heart to see him cry like he does. He's always happy and very friendly. As soon as he sees some one he says "halo!" and when anyone is leaving he makes sure to say goodbye. It's sad seeing my baby growing so fast but at the same time it's so exciting as I watch him turn into a little smart, loving, independent little man.


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