Friday, June 5, 2015

LINKS | Doughnut Day

{ Happy National Doughnut Day! These are from my birthday. I'm on day 22 of whole30 so no donuts for me, yay! I'm not even craving them, I don't recognize myself! }

It's Friday! We might go to a little fair that's near by depending how we are feeling later on. It's one that my mom always took me and my sisters when we were younger, I drove by it yesterday and got flashbacks of younger days. Saturday, Damian will be going to Tijuana to help my dad with some stuff around the house and he will be taking Maximiliano. This is like the third time that he will be away from me since he was born (not counting when I was working a few hours in the afternoons). I immediately hit up my friend to make some plans for the day. It's not everyday I get a day all to myself! So far we will be having brunch at Cafe Chloe and checking out some thrift stores. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. XOXO

these weeks favorites (involve lots of food):

Of course I have to share these s'mores donuts. I think I just gained 20 pounds by looking at them.
And some more indulging: deep dish cookie pies! that involve ice cream. 
12 AWESOME recipes. Must make that chopped salad this week.
Want to start doing this short ab routine. P.S. I have no clue what Jennifer Aniston's abs look like.
And because we are celebrating donuts, here's a fun donut game for a kids party!
Lastly: GOALS.

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