Friday, June 12, 2015

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{ so many hearts in my watermelon today }

I'm on day 28 of whole30! That means Sunday I'm having sushi and ice cream! I'm so happy with the results I've gotten from whole30. 1. I haven't weighed myself but I fit perfectly into all the jeans that I had stopped wearing due to gaining weight. 2. I don't suffer from cravings. like. at. all. 3. I can actually say no to doughnuts, chocolate and ice cream. 4. I don't have to constantly snack on something, three meals a day and the occasional handful of nuts or fruit and I'm totally satisfied. 5. I can cook the same thing for the family instead of cooking a meal for myself and one for them. My relationship with food has completely changed for the better and I love how I feel so much that I'm starting whole30 again on July 5th.

Last weekend was so much fun! I had a girls date with my friend Jasmin, then we went to have dinner with her and her family, they invited us to spend the night at their new place and after, we picked up Damian and Maxi who where back from visiting my dad in TJ. Us girls ended up staying home with the bbs and the boys went to our friends house who was actually bummed that we didn't go, they were waiting for us with s'mores for the kids. On Sunday morning we all went to the farmers market and after we had a carne asada at their place. Everything wasn't all fine and dandy we did have a big scare at the end of the day when Maxi jumped from one couch to another and bumped his head on some furniture, he bled a lot and Damian kind of panicked so we all got really scared but luckily my baby is a tough cookie and the cut wasn't deep. Some antibiotics, bandages and icees did the job. Oh boy did we get scared though, I felt so bad for my poor baby. The next day the first thing he said when he woke up was " I jump, I jump mama, I hurt!".

This weekend we have our friends birthday party, zoo date and like I mentioned a sushi and ice cream date.

Hope you guys have a great one! XOXO


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