Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Del Mar Fair

Last month we went to the Del Mar fair and it was amazing! We hadn't been since I was pregnant with Maximiliano so you could say I was pretty excited. Although we didn't get to go on any rides (not that I did last time anyway), Maximiliano got on many and he had a blast! except for maybe the frog ride... He was very excited at first but that excitement quickly turned into fright and he was hanging on tight and making very silly faces that I couldn't help laughing at quietly. Well it couldn't of been that bad because he got off jumping up and down and clapping and more than ready to head on to the next ride! That's my little thrill seeker. We did go into a few fun houses together and those were fun hence the name... I don't think I had been in fun houses before. As always the food was delicious!!! Every time we go to the fair we buy these amazing sweet potato fries, another tradition are the cinnamon rolls that are to die for. Already excited for next year! 


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