Monday, July 6, 2015

Maximiliano turned 3!

Maximiliano turned three years old on the 27th of June! My little baby is not a little baby anymore. I get all kinds of sappy over this. I miss my little chubby cheeks and baby giggles but at the same time I love all the new joys that come with him growing. 

 I took some photos of him so I could send one out with the invites. This one above was the winner! One day we just hopped in the car, made a quick stop at Michael's, grabbed this wooden three and headed to the beach. It was actually a lot of fun and of course the day wasn't bright and summery but I loved the photos nonetheless.

The night before I stayed up getting things ready. I also filled up his pool with balloons and some of his presents for a morning birthday surprise.

This year we hosted his party at a different nearby park. We set up under a bunch of trees and right by the playground which was so convenient. The weather was not the best (just like last year), you would think since he is a summer baby that we would have the perfect sunny weather to host a party at the park right? (For his first birthday party we had the warmest, sunniest, not too hot day.) The trees did an amazing job of keeping us warm and even dry from the teeny tiny sprinkles that fell that day. 

For food we served carnitas tacos, beans, potato wedges, chips, salsa and guacamole. I initially planned on having a few gold fishes for the tables but opted for swedish fish gummies and goldfish crackers instead. I had bubbles for the kids to blow and a few other games and of course goody bags. I made a few decorations but didn't really take pictures of anything, I was clearly too busy. But I did get pictures of some of the kids in the shark backdrop that I made. I love how it turned out and it served as both decoration and photo booth!

The birthday boy was running wildly all over the place with his buddies and refused to stop for pictures, so what you see is what you get (except for the film that I haven't developed yet, we'll see what we'll get from that!) haha. We tried really hard to get a family picture but did not succeed (except for a tiny instax print that is worth gold to me!), all we got were tantrums instead. It was even hard to get him to sit for cake time! He was having too much fun, which makes my heart full because that is why I did all this for. PiƱata time was, as always, a blast for the kids and us adults enjoyed watching them. Maximiliano and his buddies then proceeded to run off with his presents and they all opened them together and oohed and ahhed at his new toys! It was such a nice time with family and friends, building core memories is my favorite. 

That night we got home and changed into warm clothes, Maximiliano took a "nap" that was supposed to be bed time... I guess the excitement was too much. When he woke he opened his last present from us and was the happiest because it was a big box with all of his birthday requests: a backpack, books, ninja turtle cars and the playskool marvel super hero babies he was missing + a couple playskool jurassic park dinosaurs. (He calls these playskool heroes his babies and loves them to death!) From then until bed time it was full on playtime with all his babies. XOXO

These glasses were obviously a hit at the party.


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