Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July in Pictures

July came and went and now it is August!? Why does time fly right past you once you have a child? I don't remember time moving so fast before I became a mother. With each day that passes me, I feel like I didn't accomplish enough. Do we all feel this way in this fast paced world or is it just me? Dreaming for a future where time moves a little bit slower and we can go outside and smell the roses or in my prefect world, smell the salty ocean breeze.

I can say July was good to us with some minor bumps along the way. We didn't go to the beach enough that's for sure. Also haven't renewed our zoo passes and Maximiliano has been reminding us every. single. day.  But I did go on a lot of sister coffee dates, saw two of my favorite bands!, and ate lots of delicious food! Hung out at the book store , went thrift shopping and visited a couple new parks. My good friend from Mexico came to visit and I started a whole90.

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