Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy October!

Happy October! We've been getting ready since September haha. Halloween is definitely our favorite holiday over here. We've been reading Halloween books, watching scary movies, walking the Halloween isles at target, searching thrift stores for Halloween treasures and listening to the Misfits nonstop. I will take out the Halloween decor today and pick up a few more things this weekend, nothing too crazy.

We bought Maxi's costume last weekend, he's been wanting to be Captain America ever since he first saw the costume and I really dislike sharing costume pictures before Halloween because I feel like it takes the fun from showing pictures the actual day... but I couldn't help to share this one of my little Captain America. I waited it out, in case he changed his mind but he's stuck with it for a month so I bought it before it disappeared! He's been practically living in the thing and I hope it survives until Halloween haha. He gets so into his role, he once hid me in the room and told me to stay there because he was going to fight the "monsters".

I baked these one bowl famous chocolate cupcakes yesterday to celebrate the first of October and they were AMAZING... the only thing I wasn't really crazy about was the frosting but you can easily use your favorite frosting recipe instead. But you should definitely make these like yesterday. This will definitely be my go to chocolate recipe from now on. 

P.S. If you have a toddler and you happen to be at target pick up the book spooky pookie, Maximiliano absolutely loves it. It's a cute Halloween read, especially for ages 2-4.


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