Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year | 2016

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best of life in 2016! That all your new year resolutions come true.

We rung in the new year with our best friends this year. I made chicken pozole and we had THE best moscow mules courtesy of our friend Esteban also known as our personal bartender haha, seriously that guy makes the best drinks! The kids had a blast running around with their sparklers and staying up waaaay past their bed time, playing together. We some how TOTALLY missed the countdown by seconds! but nonetheless we had a great night.

Last year one of my main resolutions was to travel and due to personal reasons was not able to, I am really hoping this year I will be able to but I didn't even make that part of my resolutions. For 2016, I want to;

- live a healthier life | more greens, more moving
- live simply | less is more, especially less spending
- enjoy nature | weekly family hike
- be kind + patient | even when it's hard
- be productive + helpful | always
- become pro at lattes | seriously I have to learn the art of coffee 

on top of this I want to set myself little goals for the month, some of my goals for this month include: reading a book, drinking more water, walking more.


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