Friday, October 25, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Hello fellow bloggers! I'm a bit late posting these pictures from the pumpkin patch
with our friends. These are from about three weeks ago but I haven't had much time
to blog lately since I will tell you that Maximiliano has started his terrible twos already
 at 1 year 4 months, which in my opinion they should be the terrible ones because judging
on everything that I read and hear from other moms, they start being terrible before two!

Except that Maximiliano is really not terrible... He's actually a very well behaved baby but
honestly it's curiosity more than anything that drives him, curiosity to know what's inside
all the drawers in the house, curiosity to see what the water in the toilet feels like, curiosity
to climb the chairs and tables. Although there are other things that aren't curiosity anymore
like for example, spilling Vicky's (our dog) food and water, that's his favorite things to do. 
I clean up and refill at least 10 times a day, any tips are greatly appreciated.

He was truly having a blast at the pumpkin patch, especially because I won him an
Inflatable guitar. I saw some girls with them before we even entered the patch and
knew that Maximiliano would love one, being that guitars are his favorite thing in the world!
Luckily they were easy to win. Once he had it, he did not want to let go of it, as you can see.
He also loved the goats, although they were really hard to pet. The kids were chasing them and
no luck, goats just kept running away as a herd. That is unless you had food, then they all
jumped on you at once. The only thing that Maximiliano and his friend Griffith didn't enjoy
was the boat ride that the guy working it said they would be fine on, but he was wrong.
That thing was waaaay too fast, almost felt they were going to fly off, so we asked if he
could stop it. We are hoping to visit the pumpkin patch one more time before the end of this
month with dad, since he was working this time.

So far we have pumpkin patch, Halloween cookies, and The Nightmare Before Christmas
checked off our Fall to do list. We have take fall photos in leaves, pumpkin carving and
caramel apples left. Oh and let's throw in some pumpkin bread, that's a must.
What are some of your must do things for fall? 


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