Sunday, October 27, 2013

What I've Been Pinning

I know everyone is tired of Halloween posts but these three pins are worth sharing I promise.

Definitely a future costume for Maximiliano, E.T. is one of my absolute favorite
childhood movies, that I'm sure he will love as well.

I don't think this even counts as a Halloween pin, or does it? Pumpkins are just a fall staple...
But then again this is like a pumpkin in a costume! Either way I love it and I plan on painting
one of these donut pumpkins later on today.

I plan on making one of these monsters to put up on our wall, I just think they are
so cute and perfect to keep on the wall year round. Mine is definitely wearing those
cool sunglasses.

Now on what I've been cooking and what I want to be cooking and baking.

I made this home-style chicken noodle soup with slight modification, I used
regular elbow pasta and dried basil instead of parsley and it did not disappoint.
Everyone loved it!

I want to be making these chicken pot pies, real soon. It's the perfect fall comfort food
other than soup and since I hate the frozen kind, these are a must.

These poached eggs in tomato sauce on toast sound amazing and warm perfect for
a chilly morning.

This pumpkin crumb cake is a MUST. It sounds so simple and yummy to pass on.

Hope you all are inspired by these pins just as much as I am.
Have a lovely Sunday!
Ours will probably be spent last minute costume shopping for me, 
pumpkin hunting, carving and listening to Misfits.


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