Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Maximiliano Says

  3 years 2 months | Found this in my drafts from 10/01/15

These are the little things I want to remember.

Whenever I go run an errand or sneak out to get a break, Maxi always receives me with a big hug and an "I lost you mama!"


While I'm changing Maxi's diaper: Maxi: "don't change my diapy!" Me: "well you better start going to the bathroom then, Griff doesn't wear a diaper anymore, he uses the bathroom." Maxi: "I don't libit!" Me: "what!?" Maxi: "I don't libit!" Me: "you don't believe it?" Maxi: "no!" as he laughs.

 9/14/ 15

While watching little rascals there's a scene at the bank where the kids try and take out a loan, Spanky tells the teller "you can't treat people like this, mister!" Mr. Welling tells the kids "You're not people, you're kids." Maxi asks me, "Mama, I not people, mama?". My heart!


Maxi, as we sit and watch the rain: I lub it mama! I lub the sun, I lub the hot, I lub the cold, I lub the rain! I lub it mama! We need a jacket!

While we are playing with his ninja turtles he assigns me to be April and he is Donnie, then he says "April, your hair is beeeautifuuuul!".

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