Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter | Part I

{true identity}

Hope you all had a happy Easter weekend! I had to bake a wedding cake for Saturday, with short notice and no working oven! It was a bit crazy, I had to go bake at a friends house and I slept only three hours on Friday night. Saturday afternoon we went on a nice walk, looking for squirrels and admiring all these blooming trees (which smelled amazing). We took advantage of our beautiful walk and snapped some pictures of our little crazy bunny. Everyone stopped to tell us how cute he looked and I couldn't agree more with them. Call me biased if you will. He's the apple of my eye. When we got home, Maxi and I dyed eggs because Damian had a show to play (they usually do the egg dying). I spent the rest of the night preparing food for the picnic we were having on Sunday. I will post our picnic pictures on a separate post because I don't want to overwhelm with so many pictures! 

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