Thursday, May 19, 2016


I turned 29 the 19th of last month. 29. One year away from the big 30 and I still feel 18 sometimes... I like to think I'm just young at heart... Damian always spoils me rotten. He's too good.

He took the day off to have a family beach day, got me this amazing pecan praline cake, a really silly birthday card that made me lol, he also filled it with some scratchers (my guilty pleasure) and told me that unfortunately my big birthday present was going to be late buttt he had gotten me the rabbit mirror (pictured here) I had been wanting. I was the happiest birthday girl in the land.

We headed to sprouts to pick up some sandwiches, snacks and water before stopping by for an iced coconut latte (the best) from better buzzed.

We literally spent the whole day in paradise, lounging around in different areas of the beach. It was the most perfect day, the sun was out, the temperatures were high and it was just complete bliss.

We all agreed this was one of the best days we've had together, all we need to be happy is some sand and salty water. We took lots of walks, and climbed rocks, looked for seashells all day, admired the seals, took turns scaring away the birds (guarding our food), splashed around in the water. Maxi made some friends and they ran around, climbed rocks, fed squirrels and just had a blast together, he was so upset when the little sisters had to go home, it broke my heart.

I mean come on, can it get any better than this? This world doesn't stop amazing me.

My little beach babe casually posing with the seal. I want to print the picture below and frame it.

We watched the sunset and then stopped by in n out for some dinner before heading home to have some cake with my sisters. It was the most perfect day. 29 could have not started off better, I'm really grateful for my life, my little family, my mom, my sisters. Grateful for another year of life that I get to share with my little creation. So excited for new adventures to come.

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