Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Last month we woke up extra early and headed to legoland for the day. Honestly, waking up early was the best thing we could have done. We arrived to legoland just as they opened and were some of the first to enter the park. We walked in and immediately got on about 5 rides, with no wait whatsoever. 

After getting on some rides we hit the star wars area to check out all the cool lego star wars charaters and then we walked to the castle area where the kids spent a good 30 minutes if not more, climbing, sliding and running around the playground. They had some apple fries in the castle area that I regret not trying!

At this point we walked around checking out some other cool stuff and then got on another ride before waiting in line to go in to the movie theater to watch a little lego 4D movie. We all enjoyed the movie lots and had a few good laughs. This is when we found out that the ninjago section was not open yet, we were pretty stoked about it since we did see it on the map. 

By the time we walked out of the movie, it was starting to feel pretty packed. We were feeling hungry so we decided to walk to the car where we had a cooler with sandwiches, water and snacks. We ate, talked and debated whether we should go back to the park or not, since we had already seen pretty much everything, got on a good amount of rides and enjoyed our time. 

Finally we decided to go back for a bit so the kids could go to the "arcade" area where there are legos for them to play with and by now it was about 4 and the park was ridiculously packed so I really couldn't wait to get out of there (I get really overwhelmed in overcrowded spaces).  

We all had a great time in legoland, Maximiliano kept on mentioning how much he liked it. We hope to be back to check out the ninjago section and this time get a sea life and water park pass as well. I was not aware that the water park was not included in the legoland tickets which in my opinion all two parks + aquarium should be together, it's just a few extra bucks to get into all three of them.


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