Monday, October 11, 2010

Cinderella Cake and Cupcakes

My icing skills aren't great i hate practicing.
I hate "practice" icing, it's too messy!
But I definitely should take it out of the pantry
and start frosting some cake pans.
I'm getting more birthday cakes so it's a must.
This is a Tres Leches cake and Tres Leches cupcakes.
Princess made by me out of rice krispies and
dress made of fondant, all toppers made by me.

I have a recipe I want to share with you guys soon
it's for a Tequila Tres Leches cake that i made about 
2 weeks ago and i fell in love with.
My favorite Tres Leches cake so far.


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  2. Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog! Your treats look too cute!

  3. i think you did a great job here! they are so cute and very cinderella-ish heehee

  4. thank you so much (: i really appreciate your comments <3

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