Saturday, March 10, 2012

Brussels Sprouts w/ Honey & Sriracha

I just recently tried brussels sprouts for the first time and I'm in love.

I had heard many things about brussels sprouts that made me nervous to try them.
They were once described as the least favorite veggie in some magazine article,
described as being bitter, others said bland. I'm so glad I just went ahead and
tried them for myself after my mom steamed some with a bunch of broccoli.
They are my new favorite thing.

So of course after I ran across this simple and unique recipe for brussels sprouts,
I immediately pinned it onto my food board and decided to try it out today for a
nice, quick and light dinner. I adapted it only slightly, the sprouts are originally
deep fried to give them a nice crispy texture, I chose to saute mine in a little olive oil
and add more sriracha than called for, they turned out absolutely ah-may-zinggg!

If you haven't ever tried brussels sprouts I highly suggest that you do and if
you already like sprouts, you will LOVE them once you try them this way!

Brussels Sprouts w/ Honey & Sriracha
serves 2 - 4


- 1 pound brussels sprouts
- 3 T. sriracha sauce
- 3 T. honey
- juice of 1 large lime
- salt
- olive oil for sauteing

Cleaning your sprouts: remove a little of the stem and any discolored or yellow leaves.
Wash them well under running water or soak them in a bowl of water to get rid of any
dirt or insects. Dry thoroughly with paper towels or you will get hot oil all over you!

1. Trim some more of the stem end of the sprouts and gently separate the outer leaves
of the sprouts with your fingers, collecting in a bowl, when you reach the heart of the
sprout, add the heart to the bowl with the leaves.

2. In a small bowl, whisk the sriracha, honey and lime juice. Set aside.

3. Heat a little olive oil in a large sauteing pan, about 3-4 tablespoons. Once the oil
is hot add the sprouts and saute for 5-7 minutes, until brussels sprouts are lightly browned.
Season with salt to taste. Drizzle the honey/ sriracha sauce on top and toss to coat lightly.

That's it! You're done! This seriously takes about 10 minutes and is so delicious
as a side dish or served on top of white steamed rice (like I had them) as a quick
lunch/ dinner. Enjoy <3

On another note my family and I are going through a really though situation right now
and If I could kindly ask to be in your prayers, we need strength and patience to get
us through this, hopefully this will be over very soon. Thank you all so much.


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