Saturday, March 31, 2012

homemade fondant. easy, cheap & tasty.

Strawberries and little blossoms made out of homemade fondant.

Ever since I learned how extremely easy it is to make my own fondant,
I haven't bothered buying the stuff from the bucket.
Store bought fondant is too expensive and the taste is too processed for my liking.

Hello Kitty cupcake toppers made out of homemade fondant.

All you need to make your very own homemade fondant is marshmallows, water,
vegetable shortening, powdered sugar and a bit of patience. Oh, and gel food
coloring, to color your fondant, in your choice of colors of course.

I love working with fondant to make small details that I can add on cakes and
cupcakes, like these small strawberries, leaves. blossoms and hello kitty toppers.
Occasionally I will cover cakes in it but I'm old fashioned and would rather
smother my cake with a nice frosting!

Marshmallow Fondant


- 16 oz. white marshmallows
- 3 T. water
- 2 T. vegetable shortening
- 2 lbs. powderes sugar

Place the first three ingredients in a large bowl and then
place in microwave for one minute, stir ingredients together
with a spatula covered in non-stick pray until completely melted.

Add powdered sugar, enough to get a manageable dough.
It usually takes me about a cup and a half less than
the two pounds of sugar. You don't want to add so much
sugar that it completely dries out your fondant.

Once you have a manageable dough  grease your hands with
veggie shortening and use your hands to knead
the fondant until completely smooth about 5-8 minutes.

Cover in platic wrap and place inside a plastic bag.
Store at room temperature. Do not refrigerate.

To color fondant just add a little gel food coloring and
knead fondant until you work the color evenly into the dough.

To make fondant strawberries:

1. Color a piece of your fondant (size depending on how many strawberries you need)
using a pink or red gel food coloring and another smaller piece using a green gel food coloring,
for the leaves.

2. Roll into separate small balls, once you have as many as you need, give them a strawberry 
shape by molding with your fingers. Poke holes to resemble seeds using a toothpick.

3. Sprinkle cornstarch on you work surface (so fondant doesn't stick to surface) and roll out 
your green fondant, using the wilton small daisy fondant cutter cut out as many flowers as
you have strawberries. Use small paintbrush and water to adhere leaves to the tops of
strawberries. Let dry loosely covered with plastic wrap or in air tight container.

Use to decorate Cakes or cupcakes. For blossoms I used the wilton blossom plunger
like this one here. For the hello kitty toppers I used hello kitty cookie cutters from Sanrio.


P.S. If  you have any questions, I'd be happy to help you out!


  1. I'll have to send this to my sister. She likes using fondant for decorating her cakes and all that. Thanks!

    1. I hope she finds this helpful! (:

  2. very very nice.. i like it it's easy nd handy.. i'll give it try nd tell u da results.. just hope it woks wid me lol..

    1. yes! let me know how it went, I want to see pictures!