Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Iced Vanilla Coffee

This is one of those things I had been wanting to try for quite some time...
Cold Brewed Iced Coffee. I finally decided it was time when I came across
this simple recipe for iced vanilla coffee from Call me cupcake.
If you haven't checked out the blog, I highly recommend it.
It is a beautiful blog with a unique dark photographing style.

I've made this iced coffee a handful of times since I discovered it and it
never disappoints, I will definitely be making it more often now that I get to
enjoy warm sunny days (my favorite kind of days). I love what the touch
of vanilla does to the coffee, it makes all the difference.
Make yourself a cup, pick up a book and enjoy on your front porch/ backyard.

Iced Vanilla Coffee

- strong coffee
- lots of ice
- milk or cream
- vanilla syrup or vanilla extract w/ sugar

1. Put ground coffee, (use few extra spoons to make it extra strong) and
cold water in a french press, stir well, put lid on and refrigerate for a few hours,
best overnight.

2. When coffee is ready, gently press on the lid to get rid of coffee grounds.

3. Fill a tall glass with lots of ice. Pour cold coffee over ice, filling the glass
a little more than halfway. Add sugar to your liking with a little vanilla extract, stir.
Fill the rest of the cup with your choice of milk or cream and enjoy!



  1. yum! i'm so excited for warm days and iced coffee!

    1. tell me about it! I had been waiting for this (:
      winter is definitely not my season ;(