Monday, March 16, 2015

Maximiliano Abishai

This was taken on December 27th. My baby sister (also known as Maximiliano's favorite aunt) bought him a cupcake for his half birthday and we sang happy birthday to him before he blew out the candle. It's kind of a tradition now for her to celebrate his half birthday, last year she baked him a cake. Now we are about three months away from his 3rd birthday and this is what he's been up to...

He has a thing for closed doors. Always closing opened doors and usually locking them as well. We now have to keep an extra key to our bedroom close by, I've been locked out a few times. Oh also my husband has to pick the lock to the bathroom every now and then too.

He asks to visit the zoo every. single. day. Some days is "I want monkeys" others is "I want tigey" and then swtiches off to "I want koala", but lately his favorite has been the pandas. Over all he says, "Mama, I like animals".

His absolute favorite thing at the moment are surprise eggs. Sometimes I will fill up our Easter eggs from last year with small random toys (that he already owns) or alphabet letters and the occasional candy and he sits there so excited and opens them all. I think it's the element of surprise that he likes so much. He's going to go nuts this Easter since eggs are his jam and all.

Randomly will grab my hand and kiss it. Run up to my leg and hug it. Say " I luh mama". Grab my face and cover me in kisses.

When he doesn't want people to leave, he will say "no! cold!" and cross his arms across his chest while shivering.

Can't leave the house without one of his hats.

After burping it's always "oopsie cuse me". When going to sleep it's "night night".

He has energy that I cannot explain, I have trouble with bed time, is literally non stop all day long. Some days are hard. Like today, Mondays when Papa has band practice and I can't get my work out in because he's climbing on my back when trying to do my push ups or throwing all the couch pillows at me when trying to do my cardio and I can't even get 10 minutes to myself for a shower. Some days are hard, but just one single kiss makes up for all the hard days to come.

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