Monday, March 30, 2015


{ eating lots of pineapple } 

{ downtown library had lots of good spanish books, I'm in love with Gorilita | it's a great birthday book and I will definitely be purchasing it, you can find the english edition as well }

{ missing the beach | I collected these from last trip, a couple of weeks ago }

{ seen at our local world market }

{ friday night dinner, vietnamese salad | hubby had the egg rolls }

{ saturday morning treat after 2 weeks of coffee sans sugar | coconut latte at the park }

{ fast food, no larabars to save the day | quick roll will do, shared the thai tea with the husband }

Hadn't done one of these posts in a while because I've been sharing all corresponding pictures in a monthly post but here are a few shots of lately. I have a ton of pictures to share for this month and will probably do a pre-easter post before that because well, we are pretty excited for Easter over here (and by we I mean I am).

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