Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March In Pictures

March consisted of many beach trips, ice cream, sweets and eating out way too much. It consisted of flying kites, lots of time at the park and more target runs than the usual. March was full of dreamy weather, plenty of iced coffee and fun!

Maximiliano had a blast this month and I'm so happy he's being nice at the park and now we can actually let him run freely without worrying if he's going to hit someone or do something not so nice. We had this problem with him for most of the two's and while friends assured me it was the age and that they had been through the same, I was worried that he wasn't going to grow out of it. I'm happy I was worrying for no reason because now he's constantly making friends at  the park, even bigger kids are always trying to play with him and take care of him. Now that he's a few months short of three I can definitely see the end of that tunnel. He's always been a sweet kid but we did have trouble with him not wanting to share and the typical terrible two's behavior, I guess.

For me March was also about taking care of myself. At least half of March. After indulging way too much recently and stressing out about not fitting into my clothes I started working out again and eating healthy. I'm only about three weeks into it and already I feel SO much better about myself BUT I have another post for that.

XOXO, Lidia

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