Wednesday, April 22, 2015


This is what 28 looks like. Sunday was my 28th birthday and my husband woke up super early and waited an hour in line to get me the best donuts in San Diego. I had been wanting to try them since I heard about them and luckily I didn't have to wait in that horrid line. I hate lines. He surprised me by bringing a giant doughnut lit with 28 candles and Maxi and him sang happy birthday to me in bed while I repeatedly asked "Is that a giant doughnut!?".  Maxi and I blew out the candles and then we all had donuts and milk for breakfast. The rest of the morning was spent at the beach where we soaked up the sun and had a picnic where we shared sushi and sandwiches. It was surprisingly a very chilly windy day so we wrapped up things early. We ended the day by taking a walk to the near by cafe and grabbing some coffee, then returned home and watched DareDevil  which I'm totally hooked on!

I'm excited for new experiences, places and opportunities. I'm also very thankful for my life right now and for the people in it. I know my 28th year will be great one.
XOXO, Lidia

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