Friday, April 24, 2015


{ taken on a weekend walk to downtown | this photo does the color of these roses no justice }

{ made these baked chilaquiles a couple of weeks ago for brunch } 

{ from last week | these two having some outside fun }

{ play date | what a box and some Christmas lights can do }

{ the struggle of fitting three car seats in one car }

{ the guys took the boys to the zoo while the girls did brunch and shopping last weekend }

Skipped the weekly links post since I haven't been much online lately. Instead these are some lately happenings around here.

So happy it's the weekend, looking forward to relaxing and taking it slow. This morning was quite interesting... My husband and I woke up at 3 am to this very high pitched alarm noise, it wouldn't die off and I was kind of worried plus I couldn't sleep through it so I called to make a noise complaint. The firefighters showed up and Damian had to show them to the house since we didn't know the exact address. Turns out it was some sort of alarm left outside and since it rained it went off. Husband said the firefighters didn't look too happy but hey how were we supposed to know, right? I also woke up to a loose tooth! I had a chipped tooth and was putting off a visit to the dentist but that chipped tooth turned into part of my tooth being loose and now I MUST visit the dentist ASAP. Oh, the joys of life. For now I'll be eating through a straw since husband is at work and I have no one to watch Maxi.

Today Damian has band practice so we won't be having our usual date night. Tomorrow we have a full day. The annual Chicano park day, a short trip to the zoo and a friends picnic. If things get too crazy we'll skip the zoo since Maximiliano was there last Saturday. No plans for Sunday and I intend to keep it that way. Probably a morning coffee run + some time at the park. Bummed I binged watched DareDevil and now I have to wait until next season is out. Happy weekend everyone!

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