Thursday, April 2, 2015

Getting Ready For Easter

It's been looking like Easter here for a while now... all last month Maximiliano has been asking for surprise eggs. When I need to get something done like cleaning or dishes or sometimes just for fun, I fill last years Easter eggs with alphabet letters, little toys he already owns and a few cookies or m&m's. He LOVES opening them and seeing what's inside. 

Last year we headed to our friends house for Easter, you can see here and here. That was lots of fun but this year we're thinking about heading to a near-by park (hopefully one that isn't too crowded) to hang out, have a little picnic and have an Easter egg hunt. 

This is the first Easter that I'm putting together a basket for him, I'm including a few of his favorite things such as a couple of action figures, a car, a giant ninja turtle egg and the I am a Bunny book (that's been on my list for far too long). Last Easter we just gave him an empty basket for the egg hunt but now he's at the age where he actually cares for things. I was lucky enough to find this set of avengers eggs, it was one of the last ones and Maximiliano is going to be too excited when he finds them.

 I'm curious to know what things you are filling your baskets with!?

XOXO, Lidia

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