Wednesday, April 15, 2015

3rd Birthday Inspiration

Two more months and Maximiliano will be turning three! I'm so excited for the next stage that will come with this age. As always it is bittersweet because my baby is no longer a baby and I will miss the two's as well, though not so much the tantrums that come with.

For this year I'm thinking of doing an underwater/sea theme. I want to keep it simple with a few details that catch the eye and over-all fun for the kids! For the center pieces I was thinking of having a few goldfish, I really like the idea of having a box of activities for the kids such as bubbles, balls and badminton, a goldfish mix will be the perfect snack for them too and lastly this cake is the inspiration for Maximiliano's very own cake (that I will be baking). I also plan on making a shark photo prop that the kids (and adults) can take pictures with. As for Invitations I bought some simple ones at target and I plan to print out a picture of Maximiliano to send out with them. Last two years I made the invitations myself but this year I don't want to spend so much time on them, I want to keep it as stress-free as I can.

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{ invitations  from last year | hand painted and stamped (they looked better in person, I promise}


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