Thursday, April 2, 2015

LINKS | Happy Easter Weekend!

{ I'm doing dishes and I turn to find him like this }

Favorite links this week:

I came upon this charming little blog. Her daughters are adorable and I'm totally getting baby fever.
I love netflix recommendations because it takes me HOURS to find something to watch.
Umm, I also love Jamie Oliver and I want to make these healthy dim sum buns so bad.
This adult version of capri sun involving vodka, my birthday is coming up.
Forever dreaming of hammocks and this one is just so perfect.
Thinking of baking some Easter cupcakes for our picnic, these look fabulous!

Excited for the weekend although this week flew right past us. This week was a lazy one for us over here so I'm really looking forward to getting out of the house this weekend! Tomorrow my husband plays a show with both of his bands so there won't be a date night which I'm kinda bummed about. Initially I was going to go with him but I really am not feeling in the mood so I told him I'd pass this time. Hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend! XOXO

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