Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Day

Easter day has always been one of my favorite holidays. When I was a little girl I loved getting together with all our family and having a big picnic and of course an egg hunt! I also always dreamed of getting a basket from costco (back then known as price club), filled to the brim with goodies haha. Well that never happened! My parents were both born and raised in Mexico and the only reason we ever knew about bunnies and egg hunts was because at the time we lived with my dad's aunt that threw the best holiday parties/ gatherings. Now, when I tell my mom how bad I wanted that basket she laughs and says "and I never bought it for you!?". Now, I would never get Maximiliano one, not that there's anything wrong with them but the amount of candy that is in those baskets is insane! 

This Easter we celebrated by having a picnic at the park. I made a delicious mushroom-asparagus quiche, one of my favorite picnic foods. The night before Damian and Maximiliano dyed eggs so we also had hard boiled eggs, salad and fruit for dessert. Growing up we also never dyed eggs, I mean we might of done it once but it wasn't a tradition. On the other hand my husband did grow up with that tradition so he really wanted to dye eggs with Maxi. I'm glad he did because Maximiliano loved them, Damian told him the Easter bunny had laid them and Maximiliano was looking for "da bunny, where go?". Another thing my sister and I never heard of while growing up, we knew our parents were hiding the eggs but my husband really believed there was a bunny out there dropping off colored eggs. He was SO entertained peeling them, he almost ate three whole eggs. Did I ever mention that eggs are his favorite food? That and white rice, oh how he loves white rice. After we all ate, Damian took Maxi for a walk while my sister and I hid the eggs. Maximiliano had fun collecting eggs, he was very serious about the whole thing haha, so determined to leave none behind. We actually hid so many eggs he needed two baskets, luckily our sweet neighbor dropped off a basket for him filled with goodies the night before. The rest of the morning was spent relaxing in the sun and eating a bit of Easter candy. We then packed up and picked up some cupcakes to share and spent the rest of the day relaxing at home.

{ Maximiliano's basket }

{ before we took off, this is his iron man pose }

{ here is his hulk pose }

{ this one is spider man }

{ picnic food }

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  1. Your picnic is SO cute! And Maximiliano's hat - heart eyes.