Friday, April 10, 2015


{ Picnic we had last spring, those are our favorite Vietnamese sandwiches }

This weeks favorites:

This chocolate bar. It's named moonwalk.
This lost Mongolian tribe, BREATHTAKING.
Cooked this yesterday but added more veggies. SO simple and full of flavor.
13 breakfast favorites in San Diego. I'm trying Snooze next weekend.
Tres leches cronuts anyone?
Thinking of getting bangs, going to go for something like this.

I'm so happy it's finally the weekend, Maximiliano and I have been stuck inside the house this WHOLE week. He has a pretty bad cough (that has now passed on to me) and we've been resting plenty. I was hoping that he'd be better this weekend so we could go on some adventures but we'll see... Mean while I'm hoping to head to the farmers market tomorrow morning, I had the best mint mojito iced coffee last Saturday and I'm officially hooked.  We're also having a few friends over tomorrow and hopefully Sunday we can head to the zoo. Today I'm really hoping for a date with my husband, I sure need a breather. Hope you all have a fun filled weekend!
XOXO, Lidia

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