Monday, November 24, 2014

Pinterest Inspo (Thanksgiving)

{ handy dandy chart, how much of what for each person via whole foods }

{ this mushroom and mash via joy the baker }

{ timeline for prepping your thanksgiving dinner via william-sonoma }

{ pomegranate champagne punch via martha stewart }

{ adorable mini pie place cards via the merry thought }

{ setting the table with these diy thankful tags via almost makes perfect }

{ and for the day after, thanksgiving leftover biscuit sandwich bar via betty crocker }

A few more days until thanksgiving, as cliche as this is going to sound, I just can't believe how fast this year has gone by! This year I will be making my fav broccoli mushroom casserole and pumpkin cheesecake bars. I bought a salad kit and pre-made rolls, I usually am all for diy or die, homemade, out of scratch but this year I decided to be a little laid back about things. Giving myself a well deserved break because Maximiliano is living out his terrible twos to the max. My sister is making the stuffing and mashed potatoes, I think she's making some fuit tarts or maybe mushroom tarts as well. Mom, her and I are all working on the turkey and ham. I asked my two youngest sisters what they were making just for fun. The 18 year old college student said "nothing". The 15 year old said "an extra stomach so I can fit all the food".

This used to be my favorite Holiday and now I just can't decide. Christmas is pretty great too. Especially after having kids, it just gets that much funner. Anyway, hope you guys have a spectacular Thanksgiving day/ dinner with family or/and friends.

These are some things that I am tremendously thankful for: 

My son, he's a handful at times, a little troublemaker at it's best but overall he is the light of my life and the happiness to my days. The unconditional love that he shows for me is the greatest thing I've ever experienced. 

My husband. Although we had a lot of rough times this year, he has changed so much to make things good for us and each and every day he tries to be better and better. 

My mom. For always being there for us and not asking anything in return.

For life and for the little everyday pleasures that make it beautiful.


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