Friday, November 21, 2014

Taking Stock // Part 2

Taking Stock

Making : haven't been very crafty lately.

Cooking : Fridays I don't cook! but I cooked chiles rellenos yesterday!

Drinking : coffee as always.

Reading: just finished reading a monster calls. also currently working on the catcher in the rye.

Wanting: a back massage. 

Listening: Serial Podcast! So good.

Wishing: For more hours to the day...

Enjoying: cool weather and weekends with the family.

Wondering: where we'll go out for dinner tonight.

Hoping: for time to move slower.

Marveling: at just about everything around me right now.

Needing: to cherish the little moments more.

Smelling: mint.

Wearing: shiny black leggings, long black sweater and leopard print boots.

Thinking: about Thanksgiving!

Feeling: happy, it's the weekend!


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