Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Zoo + Park

{ family portrait at the zoo }

{ this was how he decided to pose for the picture }

{ I asked if he wanted a picture with the crocodile }

{ he climbed on the rock and said cheese }

{ the whole time we were there Maximiliano was asking for "turtol" }

{ feeding the goats }

{ "monkeeeyyy" }

{ flying }

{ looking for spiders under the tree bark, have to watch him very closely because he's pretty good at finding "spidemen" }

Maximiliano's vocabulary is expanding so much. Also his vocabulary is 80 % animal names haha. Monkey, Cheetah, Dinonu (dinosaur), puppy, meow (cat), spidemen (spider), batman (bat), gecko, crocodile, butterfly, bird, monster (gila monster) and of course his favorites eagle! and ultimate favorite, all water animals. Sharky, fishy, loster (lobster), ocapus (octopus), stiray (stingray) and more!

"Watch out!" And "fly!" while running and opening his arms is also a favorite. Those are just a few to mention.

I'm kind of upset about the fact that he is picking up english way faster than spanish although he does say words in spanish too and he understands absolutely everything. My husbands spanish is terrible so that doesn't help. But I'm not too worried, I'll find a way to incorporate more spanish into his learning as he is growing. Maximiliano being bilingual is something that is super important to me, being able to communicate with non-english speaking family and speaking the language of your ancestors is worth gold.


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