Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Weekend

Hi! Hope you guys had a great Halloween! Our Halloween Friday was spent reading in bed, watching Halloween learning videos + sing alongs and handing out candy in the evening. Maximiliano was spider man this year and we didn't go all out on his costume because he's 2 and is living up to those famous terrible twos indeed, he pretty much spent a lot of the time we were out there handing candy... in the garden. Digging up dirt and throwing rocks (luckily not at people). He woudl not stay still for a picture and also didn't leave his mask on for more than a minute. Although he did enjoy seeing other spiderman, batman and superheros of all kinds. Especially putting treats in their bags. 

We had plans of taking him trick or treating around the block so he could get a little (more) of his energy out but instead he decided to go to bed. My husband and I then went to a friends Halloween party for a bit and it was great hanging out with adults! Unfortunately I haven't done much of that lately and it is so needed. This year left me thinking that next Halloween we will probably take him out trick or treating first and then hand out candy later. Maximiliano is so active and has so much energy that I think he would really enjoy it much more! Unfortunately I got a cold from being out Friday night, it was a bit cooler than expected. Luckily it's not so bad and some tea and rest should do.


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