Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hello. Can I just talk about how excited I am for this year?

After really debating in my head and talking it over with my husband I decided we will not be trying for another baby this year. The reason why I say I decided and not we is because my husband really left it up to me since he does work full time and understands that most of the hard work is for me.

The strongest reason why I was really considering it, is because I feel that Maximiliano would be the happiest if he had a sibling to play with. He doesn't really play with other kids and when we're at the park and he starts playing with someone, when they leave, he makes this little sad puppy face and says "nooo". That just breaks my heart.

The reasons why I decided this wouldn't be the best time for another baby are, first of all I have some traveling planned out this year. I want to visit my hometown this year, we also have planned to travel to Sayulita, Guadalajara, Cuernavaca, Mexico city, Oaxaca and Chiapas. I am so excited to explore the south of Mexico, I am from northern Mexico and would really like to see the different traditions and try the different foods, go to the rain forest and see the pyramids! Another reason is that I want to go back to school, I'll talk more about that later... These are the two main reasons and there's a few other ones but you get the idea.

I've never been too crazy about new years resolutions although this year I did jot a few down. One of the main ones is to be happier. Sometimes I can get stuck on the negative aspects of my life and focusing on them doesn't let me enjoy the positive ones as much as I should. I am really trying to over-think less and just breath and enjoy the moment. Another one is to get fit. I was so close to this goal last year, my abs were starting to show and then I started working and threw all my effort to waste, starting over is a big pain in the behind. Like I'm really trying to not eat that chocolate chip cookie calling my name... Ugh and not having time to go out for runs is really killing me but I'm trying to figure out a schedule so bear with me summer body. I'm feeling good about 2015.  XOXO Lidia

{ almond butter on chia honey toast, berries and honey vanilla chamomile tea }

{ first trip to the park of the year }

{ amazing hand rolls I made for dinner last night, I think these will be added to the weeknight dinner list and I'll probably post the recipe here sometime next week }

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