Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lately // Christmas Edition

{ these two put up the tree all by themselves! }

{ magical }

{ awkward self-timed family Christmas picture? right after putting up the tree }

{ breakfast by the tree }

{ Maxi took a picture of Santa, I love finding random pictures he takes }

{ this years chocolate advent calendar }

{ Maxi took off Santa's hat and did this, his idea of Christmas decorating }

{ riding the train at the zoo for jungle bells }

{ never thought night time zoo could be so spooky, it was quite dark except for the areas with lights }

{ the spider was our favorite } 

{ boat light show by the bay, we went with our friends and unfortunately we all got lost and this is the only picture I took! But at least the boys saw the lights and they enjoyed them very much! }

{ what this years wrapping looked like }

{ hot chocolate with cream and peppermint marshmallows by the tree! }

{ Christmas cookies are a must! }

{ opening first present of the night, notice how tree is empty at the bottom? you can thank Maximiliano for that }

{ with his favorite aunt }

{ it's the little things, this face is priceless }

{ Christmas at the in-laws }

This is what our December looked like pretty much. Lots of hot chocolate, baking, sitting by the Christmas tree. Some wrapping, late night zoo fun and Christmas hangs with good friends. I cannot get over how fast it all came and went. 

I did very little + late Christmas shopping this year, everything was very low-key. The first two years we got Maxi a few good books for Christmas, this year since he really enjoys playing with his toys we got him one big action figure plus two smaller ones and an educational rain forest set which included a book, some flash cards, stickers and figures. He loved the rain forest set and went crazy placing the stickers on the rain forest background that it came with but as soon as we went over the flash cards and he was introduced to the piranha, it was game over haha. He absolutely hated the piranhas, he thought they were very scary and they truly are! The 24th was spent at home, some family came over, we ate, talked, opened presents at midnight. The 25th we went to my in-laws for the afternoon, talked, ate, we opened our presents then we headed back home.

Like I said this Christmas was very laid back, my husband and I didn't even get each other presents. We only got presents for Maxi and my little sister. I didn't even get dolled up. And just like that Christmas came and went! With good food and company. Hope you guys had a merry merry Christmas, XOXO Lidia.

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